Who we Are

GALO Energy

We are a Mexico City based consulting firm with more than 50 years of experience in business development, public/government relations, financial structuring, regulation and policy analysis.

Integrated by a multidisciplinary group of experts, we seek to bring together our deep understanding of public policy and regulation in the Mexican energy sector with our networking experience and capabilities to identify and harvest business opportunities that the recent energy reform presents.

Our market knowledge, flexibility, professionalism and networking capacity differentiate our consulting service, offering value added strategies to our clients in their entry to the Mexican energy sector.

“Times of change are not times of uncertainty but of opportunity”.
GALO Energy

Who we are

Our Values

  • Client First: Value added strategies that surpass our clients’ expectations.
  • Ethics: Absolute integrity first as individuals, as a team and finally as a company for long term value.
  • Transparency: An honest open dialogue is the true foundation in a client-advisor relation.
  • Cost Effective: The management of our clients’ resources is done as if our own resources were at stake.
  • Professional: Our team members continuously strive for excellence, as we understand that excellence is a matter of constant evolution and determination.