Business Intelligence In Market Strategy

Regulation and Policy Analysis

  • Energy Reform Framework Undertanding, Application and Application and ID of Business Opportunities
  • Contracts and Licenses to operate within the New Regulatory Framework
  • Technical and Business Oriented Advisory for Government and private Enterprise public bids

Government Affairs and Public Relations

  • In Country business representation
  • Liaison with Government Authorities at a Federal, State or Local Level
  • Advocacy with Key Stakeholders in the Business Community
  • Negotiation Strategy and Communication Effectiviness with Community Stakeholders

Business Intelligence and Market Development

  • Business Intelligence in Electricity and Oil & Gas Projects
  • ID of Potential Consumers for Mass Consumption(Public/Private)
  • Financial Structuring of Energy Projects with International and National Funding
  • Partnership and Strategic Alliance Intelligence

Internal Controls and Compliance

  • Best Practices in Managing Conflict of Interest
  • Certification of Good Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest Avoidance